What is an HOA Attorney and What do They Do?

The attorney represents the Board of Directors, NOT the individual residents. The duties of an HOA attorney are generally threefold

1. Provide general counsel services to the association, which includes reviewing contracts for services and providing legal advice on questions of policy and administrative operations.

2. Provide collections enforcement for unpaid general and special assessments. The attorney gets involved after the HOA has sent one or more delinquency notices the property owner and the account remains unpaid. The HOA attorney confirms that the delinquency notices have been served on the homeowner according to the requirements of Florida law, that the lien has been properly recorded and prosecutes the foreclosure lawsuit on liens for unpaid HOA assessments.

3. Provide mediation and litigation support for covenant violations. This often includes working with your Cam to ensure the violation has been properly documented, notice of the violation has been sent according to the requirements of Florida law, participating in mediation, and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit against the homeowner to enforce the HOA covenants.

Does Your HOA Attorney Measure up?

Has your HOA attorney come to your Board of Directors meeting? Does your attorney provide you with information on the latest changes to the HOA/Condo laws? Do you have more than a 20% delinquency rate? Do you have bank owned units or long term foreclosure units in your community that are not paying dues? Are you hesitant to call your attorney for fear that he/she will charge the HOA for every email and every communication? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then contact RJS Law Group for a presentation on our services!

RJS Law Group HOA Attorney Services

  • Non-compete Agreements
  • General Counsel Services
  • Collections Enforcement
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Bank Foreclosure Strategies
  • Legislative Updates
  • Training on Roberts Rules of Order
  • Dispute Resolution

HOA Board Member Certification Seminars

At RJS Law Group we provide direct and interactive support to the HOA/Condo Board of Directors. We do this by attending at least one meeting of the HOA/Condo Board each year at no cost to the HOA to provide legislative updates and training for new and veteran Board members. We work with your community manager to ensure that their collections forms and letters are compliant with applicable laws. We provide you with direct communication access to your assigned attorney or account manager via email or telephone. Your assigned HOA coordinator will provide you with quarterly litigation reports. Our accounting staff issues monthly disbursements on collected monies. More importantly, there are no hourly fees for collections services. We provide a billing system tailored to meet your needs with flat fees and hourly billing that are charged and passed to the delinquent owner and collected at the time of collection.

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