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As the Sunshine State, Floridians enjoy leisurely walks or jogs outdoors on a regular basis, probably more so than inhabitants of many other states. As such, the instance of tragic pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles, bicyclists, buses and trucks occurs with staggering frequency, but a Riverview area personal injury law firm can help you advance your claims and obtain the compensation you deserve. For help with your recent pedestrian accident injury, we encourage you to contact our attorney staff at our Riverview Area personal injury law firm today.

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Much like an automobile or bicyclist accident, pedestrian accidents involve Florida’s laws of negligence, which impart civil liability onto any defendant if the plaintiff and his Riverview area personal injury law attorney and firm can meet the following four elements:

  • At the time of the pedestrian accident, the defendant owed the victim a duty to act cautiously and carefully.
  • The defendant breached that duty by committing some act or omission.
  • The breach actually and proximately caused the victim’s injuries.
  • The victim suffered physical and/or pecuniary damages including property damage.

While the above elements may seem like foreign concepts, a Riverview area personal injury attorney can help you navigate Florida’s civil lawsuit process as you work toward compensation for your medical bills, lost wages or pain and suffering.

Pedestrian injuries can also occur as a result of negligence on the part of municipal, local or state governments holding a responsibility to properly maintain roads, walkways and pedestrian intersections. While there are certain immunity issues involved with a lawsuit against the town or municipality wherein your accident occurred, your Riverview area personal injury law firm can help you better understand these issues and get you started with an Riverview area personal injury attorney familiar with these types of claims.

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Bad Accidents happen to Good People!

Bad Accidents Happen to Good People