The Personal Injury Book of Forms

 for Legal Professional

The Personal Injury Book of FormsThe Florida personal injury mentorship program for legal professional is designed to help legal professional navigate the personal injury mine-field of motions, pleadings, depos and filings that can turn a seemingly nothing case and make for a head scratching, high- fiving successful case.

Experience, resolve and complete outside-of the-box and borders thinking have turned many cases around, from complete nothings to a proverbial light at the end of some tunnel to a complete success and astonishing recovery for the client and the firm.

Our mentorship program is designed to share in the vast wealth of knowledge we have acquired through the years of strategic associations and litigation. We will share the good, the bad and the ugly! Our successes and our failures will enrich you career, your future and our lives.

Battle Tested Forms

Since 2002 we’ve been focusing, guiding and succesfully defending our clients through a complex legal system.

While you may get them nice and clean, most of the original forms are stained with sweat, tears and some even with real blood (yeah, paper cuts – for prose and dramatic effect)!

All kidding aside, the knowledge we will share and that you will receive as part of our mentorship program cannot be priced, it is priceless.  It cannot be bought, it must be lived and experienced. Vicariously you will gain form our pains and we will together now laugh with you as we cried then.

 Florida Personal Injury Mentorship Program for Legal Professionals

Alcohol sold to minor led to fatal crash, family alleged.

Case Type: Negligent Service of Alcohol, Dram Shop, Motor Vehicle, Broadside, Motor Vehicle, Multiple Vehicle, Wrongful Death, Survival Damages

Case: Estate of Garcia v. Best For Less Food Mart Inc., Hillsborough Co., Fla., Ct., 09-CA-31023, 5/10/2012

Plaintiffs Attorney: William A. Gilbert, Dano & Gilbert, Moses Lake, Wash.: Rolando J. Santiago, RJS Law Group, Apollo Beach, Fla.

Defense Attorney: Pro se
Jury verdict: $716,472,101
Facts & Allegations On Feb. 28, 2008, plaintiffs decedent Samuel Garcia III, 32, a hydraulic diesel mechanic, was stopped in a Chevrolet Caprice intending to exit Circles Restaurant at 1212 Apollo Beach Blvd. in Apollo Beach.

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